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Steven Tynan Memorial Assembly

21 October 2013

Last week  we celebrated the Steven Tynan Memorial Assembly. This Assembly recognised and honoured our Old Boy Steve, who was murdered in the line of duty as a Police Officer 25 years ago alongside Damian Eyre.

Steven was 22 years old and Damian was 20 years old and they were targeted by members of organised crime in a revenge killing against police. To date, no one has been formally held accountable and therefore this adds a further sting to the pain of their unnecessary deaths. We continue to pray for justice for all families who have lost their loved ones through violence.

Present at the Assembly were Old Boy representatives from the Victorian Police Force. Currently there are over 70 Old Boy Police Officers including two Assistant Commissioners. Each Old Boy expressed appreciation of the values, faith, service and leadership that they learnt and experienced here at Mazenod and lived within their families. I encourage every teacher to feel proud of the contribution that they make to the lives of our students and I would like to take this opportunity of publically recognise and thank them.


We also acknowledge and thank the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MBF) for their services and their representation at this assembly.

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