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Traffic Management Changes

15 April 2011

Traffic Management Changes

Please find below a list of changes to our traffic arrangements affecting our students and their families. An email and SMS message has been sent to all our families regarding the new traffic conditions for Kernot Avenue and Murdoch Avenue. These changes have been in response to some serious safety concerns. We have been consulting with the Council to provide safer bus access for in excess of 300 students who catch the buses to and from school from the College’s property.
The following changes in traffic management include:

  • Bus companies have been asked not to collect students from the bus stop on Springvale Road, directly opposite Clunies Ross Avenue. This is due to students crossing six lanes of Springvale Road traffic, without any traffic protection (ie, lights and crossings). The Council have asked the College to enforce the management of this change and the College will enforce this. There are bus stops located on the corner of Wellington and Springvale Roads, as well as the corner of Monash Drive and Springvale Road, that are serviced by traffic lights.
  • The Grenda and Australiner buses will pick-up and drop off students in the Bus Zone of the College (the main car-park in the College grounds). This Bus Zone is only to be used by the Buses, 300 students catching them and staff. This change is to provide greater safety for our pedestrian traffic.
  • Grenda’s Buses will park in the bays closest to the Founder’s Complex and the Australiner Buses will park on the Eastern side of the Bus Zone.
  • From the beginning of Term 2, there will be RESTRICTED ACCESS to Kernot Avenue and Murdoch Avenue between 8:00am and 9:00am as well as 3:00pm to 4:00pm. It has been recommended that NO STANDING signs will exist on both sides of Kernot Avenue. NO STUDENT IS TO BE DROPPED OFF OR COLLECTED FROM KERNOT AVENUE AND MURDOCH AVENUE . Pick-up zones include – Brandon Park Drive, Monash Drive and the Monash Garden’s Car Park off Wellington Road. This is to ensure greater safety for pedestrian use in Kernot Avenue. Currently we have a very dangerous combination of cars and students and this measure is designed to alleviate congestion, dangerous parking and driving practices.
  • The Monash Council are currently constructing an extra speed hump in Kernot Avenue to further enhance student safety.
  • The Monash Council have negotiated with Vic Roads to have 40km/h signs erected in Monash Drive to provide greater protection to pedestrians. Please be mindful of traffic regulations in the area as Council will enforce them.

These changes have been recommended and adopted by the College as a response to our serious safety concerns.



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