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Mazenod celebrates VCE Success

17 December 2010

Mazenod College congratulates the Graduating Class of 2010 on their fine academic achievements. A more full report will be offered when University places have been finalized. We congratulate all students in all schools who have completed their VCE or VCAL and wish them every success in their future.

The students, staff and their families can be justly proud of the performance of the boys in the recent VCAA external examinations, and the tertiary placements that occurred as a consequence of their efforts. As we are a non select-entry school, do not offer external scholarships and are a low fee paying College, we are very proud and pleased for the students and their families.

In particular we acknowledge the contribution that this group of students made to the College throughout the years that they attended. Their growth in faith, generosity of service and recognition of the needs of those less fortunate were an example to the entire College Community.

We congratulate the efforts of all our Valedictory class, but especially acknowledge the 2 students who scored ATAR results above 99, the 54 students (33 % of the cohort) who scored above 90 and the 43 (27 %) students who scored between 80 and 90.

The College Dux is Aiden Parisi who scored 99.70

The College was again very proud of the fact that one of our students scored perfect study score of 50 in Further Mathematics and that Mazenod scored a raw median study score of 33 with 15 % of all study scores above 40.

When one couples these results with the Monash University Enhancement Study Results (17 High Distinctions (15 Maths and 2 History), 7 Distinctions ( 6 Maths and 1 Computer Systems) and 2 Credits (1 Maths and 1 Biology) it has been a very successful academic year for Mazenod College VCE students.

The College wishes each of these young men every success in their future endeavours and ask that God continues to bless them, their families and grant them health happiness and fulfilment in their future life whatever that may bring.

It is our hope and prayer for each of the students that the opportunities that they have received here may benefit themselves, their families but more importantly the wider the community.
We hope that they Entered to Learn... But Leave to Serve..

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