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Day 2 Results Tuesday 7th December

8 December 2010

Sorry for the late update!

Day two promised to hold all the answers to the Carnival and in great conditions all games got under way at 9.30 am as scheduled. All eyes were on the Iona vs Mazenod game which probably would decide who would win the Oblate Cup.

Iona won the toss and elected to bat on another fantastic track, but may I add slow outfield due to the lush growing conditions being experienced in Melbourne at the moment.

Iona got off to a solid start with 23 on the board before Mazenod VIC struck. Gregory was run out for 4 and A Lochev followed quickly for 14 to have Iona 2 for 33. A great partnership 72 between Anthony (39) and Egan (30) had Iona on track for a big total. The introduction of Victorian leg spinner Sam Riley changed the game. Sam bowled brilliantly to take 6 for 24 and in the process bowled Iona out for 156 in the 49th over. Young D Eske made a very good 34 at the end to hold the innings together. All other batsmen struggled with the spin with no one making more than 4.

As Mazenod VIC prepared for its innings the skies turned black and light rain began. Played started and Hugh Pembroke got the early break through with a wicket in the 3rd over to have Mazenod 1 for 4. As the rain persisted Mazenod managed to get to 14 without any other loss, when the rain finally settled in. After 2 hours the game was called off and now leaves the Carnival in unchartered areas.
With heavy rain predicted in Melbourne Wednesday it is unlikely wickets will be ready for Thursday and this will have significant consequences to the winner of the Oblate Cup. As it looks now this year’s Carnival may be a wash out and no winner declared for the first time in the 12 years of the tournament.

In other games at Mentone there were some very interesting results. Mazenod WA were playing Villanova College Qld and were bowled out for 92. Villanova would have enjoyed their lunch and would have been confident! They may have been too confident because at one stage Mazenod WA had Villanova 6 out for 9 runs. Mazenod WA eventually won in an incredible victory. Apologise for not have final details but as this game was played away from here I was unable to get access to them.

The boys are enjoying their rest day today at the MCG and Melbourne Central and hopefully are keeping dry. All the students and host families have spoken positively about the experience and I am sure some sad farewells are install tomorrow afternoon.

At this stage it is very unlikely there will be any outdoor cricket tomorrow and an indoor cricket tournament has been set up to take its place if need or floods be the case.

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