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Congratulations to our 90+ Students of 2009

15 February 2010

On Friday, February 12, the Mazenod Community welcomed back the 51 students who received a 90+ score in the 2009 VCE results. This represented 33% of the cohort. Joining us in celebrating their success, were many of the boys’ Primary School Principals and Parish Priests. Their attendance allowed us to thank them for their contribution to the educational journey of each boy. We hope and pray that each young man who entered Mazenod to learn…will leave Mazenod to serve.
It is with genuine happiness and pride that I welcome you all here today. I particularly welcome Mr Peter Le Grand our Board Chairman, Principals of the students achieving 90+ as well as their Parish Priests. We also welcome the families of the boys as well. Together with the boys hard work we find ourselves here celebrating some truly outstanding results.

I have always tried to encourage the boys to remember that they are worth much more than a score and that their value does not lie in a number. However standing here before you are boys who put their heart and soul into trying to achieve their best. They will never forget the feeling when they received a score which demonstrated to them just how great it is to put in a lot of effort.

There are many many Mazenod students who achieved the score of their dreams and every sing student of the VCE Class who applied at University received a first round offer. This is stunning, remarkable, amazing and truly inspirational. You all know that we are not a select entry school, you know that we are not a high fee paying College and we do not offer external scholarships. The results we have achieved are through sheer hard work, determination and incredible dedication by staff and families. Our results should be proclaimed to all here to understand their significance. Every single member of the VCE and VCAL graduated. No one was left out. No one was left behind. We rejoice in all of the boys’ effort.

May I take this opportunity to publically thank the many staff who have helped each and every one of the boys all the way through their education. I thank their Primary School Principals and ask them to pass on our thanks to their dedicated staff who cared for these boys in their Primary years. You should feel a part of their story and it is our pleasure to have you here today. Through your staff, these boys were able to discover the joys of learning. You taught them to read, write and think and we worked on refining those skills.

I thank today the staff here at Mazenod. I am genuinely proud to be working with such a well qualified and caring staff. Their work is appreciated and absolutely crucial in helping each boy move closer towards their dreams. Today they should feel every bit as proud as the boys family as they have ridden the waves of emotion all the way through their educational journey. Don’t think that the detention offered in Year 9 for stepping out of line did not have an impact. Don’t think that the correction offered in class when needed did not play a crucial role in helping work out the right attitude to have. Don’t think that the word of encouragement made during a sport or music lesson did not resonate for the rest of their lives. The chance smile, greeting, offer of help or word of support have all contributed to the fine care shown to every single student of the College.

Today we have invited the Parish Priests of each of the boys and we are really grateful that they have found the time to be able to be with us today. Here we have generous people whose lives are given in the service of others. The atmosphere of care and concern that they have fostered in the Parish Communities is real and genuine. Their presence today gives the boys and the College great honour and I thank them most sincerely for their attendance.

To the families who have placed so much trust in us by sharing in the education of their sons, I say Thank You very much. With considerable sacrifice you offered support, care, challenge and guidance to your sons. Together you worked with the school in helping your sons take their next steps in life.
Finally to the boys, sorry the young men here before us. Today you stand because you took an opportunity and you gave it your best. You worked towards something really difficult and you achieved it. You are an example to all of the boys sitting before us. You never let anyone else tell you your limits. You left nothing undared. However the challenge is not over. You received a number, yes. But I hope you received so much more. We hope that you have a sense of genuine service about you and you look to make the most of these opportunities by searching and finding those in real and genuine need. We hope that while you entered Mazenod to Learn, we hope you leave Mazenod to Serve. Finding a way to remain connected with Rosies, Mission Action Day, Football or Cricket Clubs, school events would be a great witness to the younger boys.

We are proud of you, we are pleased for you, we care about you and ultimately we hope that you realise how much God has loved you and continues to love you. Who we are is God’s gift to us and who we become is our gift to God. You are continuing to work on your gift to God as are we all. You remain in our prayers for the rest of your life and beyond.

We ask you to stand as we offer you this blessing from the entire community.
“In the spirit of God’s love, we pray for each of you, that as you begin the next part of your journey, that God's spirit in our world will continue to awaken you to hear and respond to the call of those whose lives you touch. May our God of love continue to bless you and may Jesus live in your hearts, forever. Amen."

Would you please join with me in congratulating the 90+ Club for Mazenod in 2009.

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