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8 December 2010

Welcome to the Mazenod College website where I hope you begin to discover the strengths and highlights of the community. Thank You for taking the time to discover more about our College and please feel free to contact us should you not find the information you require.

No community can ever be captured by text and images, however these pages do demonstrate the great diversity of the College. I feel very confident that once you begin to navigate your way through the website, you will become more familiar with our character and mission.

We are a community of over 13,000 people (including 1200 current students, 140 Staff and approximately 2000 family members and approx 10,000 Old Boys). This community has worked consistently hard for its place within society. Through the pioneering efforts of our founders to the innovative and dynamic efforts of the current community, Mazenod has forged an identity characterised by; centrality of faith; disciplined work ethic in academics, music and sport; compassion and concern for those in need and a genuine and appreciated sense of multi-cultural diversity.

The College reputation is upheld and maintained by the current community. They are the custodians of the College’s good name and have built upon the foundations of those who have gone before. They hold our reputation in their hands and hope to pass it on to future students.

We only get one chance at a first impression and we sincerely hope that your first, second, third or fourth impression of Mazenod College is positive. Please feel free to communicate with us any area where growth and improvement can occur. It is this partnership that distinguishes us.

Enjoy navigating.


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