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Thank You - Mission Action Day

19 May 2014

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that our current Mission Action Day total has passed $100,000. This is an extraordinary testament to the tremendous generosity present within our community and beyond.

The total includes contributions from our Old Boys Cricket, Football and Mazenod United Clubs as well as the Old Collegian’s Association and some of our College suppliers of services. A more complete understanding of where the money will reach will be given in a dedicated communication just after Founder’s Day.

We have seen a 25% increase in generosity to those in need and this should bring a tremendous sense of joy to everyone who contributed. This comes at a time when finances are particularly tight and priorities need to be made regarding where money can reach. You and your families have made the choice to be generous and it is a wonderful value with which you share with your sons and daughters.

This recognises that even though we face financial pressures here in Australia, we understand that the vast majority of the world do not enjoy or experience the opportunities that we have. Your generosity is not taken for granted or forgotten by those it reaches. On behalf of the Oblates and all of the Oblate Missions in the world, I say a very sincere Thank You.

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