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Rector:  Fr Christian Fini OMI


Deputy Principal (Students) Mr T Coghlan   Business Administrator Ms S Matthews
Deputy Principal (Curriculum) Mr N Jenkinson   Financial Administrator Mr K Jones
Deputy Principal (Operations) Mr T Rolfe   Timetabler Mr M Lee
Dean of Curriculum - VCE & Data Analysis Coordinator Mr M Rolfe   ICT Manager Mr I Steel
Dean of Staff - Welfare, Appraisal & Mentoring Mrs J Noone   Operations Manager Mr M Johnson
Dean of Staff - Learning & Innovation Mr S Conlon   Old Boys' Liaison Officer Ms N Giacco & Mr N Lew Ton
Learning Diversity Coordinator Mrs A Johnson   Head of Library Services & e-Learning Mrs C Elliott
Dean of Senior School  Mr T Ford   Counsellors Mr D Munro
Dean of Junior School Mr P Finnigan     Ms K Heffernan
Religious Education Coordinator  Mr K Hoad     Mr A Steer



Year 7 Mr D May   Faith & Charism Office Mr K Hoad
Year 8 Mr M Rowland   Humanities Mr N Young
Year 9 Ms A Skourides   Information Technology Mr J Wright
Year 10 Mrs P Bourne   Languages Mrs L Lin
Year 11 Ms K Williamson   Performing Arts Ms F Kamevaar
Year 12 Mr A McAlister   Director of ACC Sport Mr A Connolly
English Coordinator (Year 7-9) Mr J Harrington   Director of Intra School Sport Mr S Griffin
English Coordinator (Year 10-12) Mrs N O'Shea   Director of Sport Operations Mr E Montoya
Mathematics (Year 7-9) Mrs D Mrock   Health & Physical Education Mr B Phibbs
Mathematics (Year 10-12) Mr M MacNeill   VCAL/VET/Design Technology Mr L Harris
Outdoor Education Coordinator Mrs D McDonald   Visual Arts Mrs M Willis
Enhancement Coordinator Mr J Tranter   Instrumental Music Mr D Leutchford
Commerce Mrs P McLead   Music Operations Mr F Blakiston


Tel: (03) 9560 0911      Fax: (03) 9562 2442

5 Kernot Avenue

Mulgrave  VIC  3170