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Science education at Mazenod College enables students to see the connections between science and people, note the relevance of science and technology to past achievement and to current and future developments and to be aware of the impact of science and technology on society, the individual and the environment. Students are encouraged to adopt critical perspectives, to recognise the limitations of science and to respect and share responsibility.

The Science curriculum challenges students to develop and use the skills of scientific investigation, reasoning and analysis to refine knowledge, find solutions and ask questions. This in turn allows students to develop scientific attitudes such as curiosity, flexibility, respect for evidence and critical thinking. Whenever possible students are involved with hands-on, inquiry-based activities where they work both co-operatively and individually to develop their problem-solving skills. Students who experience difficulties are catered for through the College Learning Centre, with the assistance of teacher aides and modified programs.

Today Science works hand in hand with mathematics and technology. Students are supported in their investigation of topics that have cross-curricular aspects. As there are interrelationships among science, technology and society, it is appropriate to teach science in a context of daily life. In this way the understanding of science is enhanced. The College supports and encourages teachers and students in the use of Learning Technologies which take into account the needs and diversity of a wide range of students.

Students are also involved in excursions and incursions in their year level groups. These activities are based as closely as possible on the unit being completed and in many cases are designed as hands-on experiences. A range of activities is conducted including visits to Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo, CSIRO, IMAX theatre, Starlab Planetarium and the Melbourne Aquarium.

Students choosing to incorporate a science subject in their VCE have a choice of Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Psychology at Years 11 and 12.