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Mazenod College is a Regional College under the care of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. It is a faith community missioned by the Church to serve the people of the eastern suburbs. As a Catholic community we recognise the presence of God who challenges us to embrace Gospel values. Through living out our faith we build a stronger foundation on which to seek and understand. By developing a sense of conscience and personal integrity in a spirit of hope we create an environment, which enables all, involved to grow towards their full potential.

The mission in which the whole school community is engaged has its foundation in the person of Jesus. The values that he lived by are the values to which we aspire in all our teaching and learning. We strive to create a community that develops the self-esteem of the individual and an appreciation of the dignity of others, and we seek to develop an atmosphere of acceptance of all. The role of the Religious Education faculty is to educate students and staff in the Catholic tradition, to promote the values of the Gospel in the school and to promote the Catholic tradition in word, deed and action.

A range of contemporary resources are used in Religious Education where appropriate - videos, music and information technology are used within the faculty. The Religious Education Department has a well-stocked Resource Centre which is accessible to all RE Staff.

Religious Education Faculty Subjects:

  • Yr 7-10 To Know Worship and Love - Religious Education Texts - Archdiocese of Melbourne
  • Year 11 Religion and Society Unit 1 - Religion in Society (VCAL and VET)
  • Year 11 Religion and Society Unit 2 - Ethics (VCAL and VET)
  • Year 11 Religion and Society Unit 3 - The Search for Meaning
  • Year 11 Religion and Society Unit 4 - Challenge and Response
  • Year 12 - Religious Education Reflection Afternoons and Retreat

Goals of Religious Education:
Four Catholic Foundations

  • We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who loves us.
  • We believe in one Redeemer, Jesus Christ, only Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, who died and rose from the dead to save us.
  • We believe in the Catholic Church, the Body of Christ, where we are led in service and worship by the Pope and Bishops.
  • We believe that Jesus, Our Lord, calls us to repent and believe; that is, to choose faith not doubt, love not hate, good not evil and eternal life in heaven not hell.

This is our faith. We are proud to profess it in Christ Jesus, Our Lord.

Religious Education aims to develop in students:

  • A pathway to a meaningful relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • A sound knowledge of the Catholic tradition
  • The knowledge and skills to make appropriate moral decisions
  • The ability to appreciate the viewpoints of others
  • An understanding of social issues and some potential solutions
  • The ability to act with empathy and compassion