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Mathematics plays an important role in life and society at many levels. At Mazenod there is a strong tradition of providing courses that cater for the diverse needs of students.
In Years 7 to 10, there is a solid core of material based around the CSF II documents. This is supplemented by an enrichment program for Years 8 to 10 students that deepens and broadens the skills and understanding of the most able students. At the same time there is, in co-operation with the Learning Centre, a program remediation that is being expanded and refined to help the weaker students gain skill and confidence.

At Years 11 and 12, the entire range of VCE mathematics courses is offered, each one of which is designed for a different career pathway. For students intending to pursue a trade or small business there is Foundation Mathematics, a thematic course specifically designed to develop skills in real world situations. For students intending careers in Commerce or Psychology, the Further Mathematics pathway provides them with a variety of appropriate skills in statistics, graphs, finance, and trigonometry. For students heading toward the sciences or engineering, the Mathematical Methods-Specialist courses provide a thorough preparation.

In addition to the standard curriculum, students at Year 12 can enrol in a Mathematics Enhancement program run by Monash University. Upon completion, this course gives the students credit for a first year mathematics unit at any university in the country.
Many of the skills learned in mathematics involve the use of materials and equipment. This includes cards for probability, inclinometers for surveying and geometry, calculators and computer software. At Mazenod the Mathematics department has a strong emphasis on the use of as many different materials as possible across the curriculum. This includes the use of the new Computer Algebra System calculators from Year 9 onwards.

As well as the course-work, there are a number of extra-curricula activities available to students at the College. The two most notable are the Annual Westpac Mathematics Competition and the Mathematics Talent Quest. In both of these arenas the College has a successful history.