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Sport - Mazenod is a member of the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) in Victoria, Australia. It is a boys' College that caters for over 1100 students from Year 7 through to Year 12.

The Sport program offered at Mazenod College provides students of all abilities with rewarding and enjoyable experiences. Every student is involved in sport each week either through interschool or Interhouse competitions. The interschool (ACC) sports are athletics, football, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, chess, golf, cross country and swimming. Interhouse sport changes each term. Examples are archery, golf, boxing and squash.

The main focus of the sports program is the development of sportsmanship and commitment. A strong emphasis is placed on interhouse sports for those not involved in the school teams.

The sporting facilities available at the College are excellent. The refurbished gymnasium includes two basketball or volleyball courts, as well as a table tennis room, fitness centre, boxing area and weights room. There are also football ovals, soccer grounds and tennis courts.

The College regularly competes against our two other Oblate Colleges (Iona College and Mazenod WA) in cricket and football. The College also participates in the State and National Volleyball titles and in statewide interschool football (Herald Sun Shield), soccer and basketball competitions. Mazenod also competes in the Victorian All Schools Athletics and Cross Country Championships each year, which qualifies athletes for the Australian titles if successful.

Some of the recent Premiership wins are Senior Cricket-1st ever ACC title, also wining the Oblate Cup that was in Melbourne. Soccer - Yr 7 & 8 premiership teams for this year. Table tennis- Yr 10. Senior Tennis- first ever GF win in senior tennis

Staff involvement and specialist coaching are considered important.

Check the Mazenod Sport Results in the College Newsletter  or on the Associated Catholic Colleges Web Site.