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All Mazenod College students are encouraged to develop career goals, which will help them focus on success at school. This aim is fostered in several ways depending upon the age of the student.

In Year 10, students are encouraged to focus on their abilities, interests, needs and values and to put them into a work perspective. This is in preparation for a Work Experience placement of two weeks where they can try out and test their career aspirations.

After Work Experience, students return to school with renewed enthusiasm for study. It is now time to focus more directly on choosing subjects for the Senior Secondary School Certificates namely, VCE or VCAL. The students use the various information sources on computer, in the Careers Room and in the College Library to gain a sound knowledge of the required subjects for their particular field and level of interest.

In Year 11, students use the Careers Information to refine their selections or to select new subjects and career directions in which they may have developed an interest.

The final year at Mazenod is often taken up by researching individual courses or occupations in greater detail. Students are encouraged to visit Universities, Institutes of TAFE and employers to get the latest information on their chosen careers.

Mazenod College is an enthusiastic supporter of the Tertiary Information Service, which is, for many Year 12 students, the first step in the search for a course or work. This takes place in May and begins the process of applying for Higher Education places or work.

Students at all levels are encouraged to seek counselling with the Careers Co-ordinator and to visit the Careers Room for research purposes at lunchtimes, after school and in their free time. A wide selection of course and work information is available for local, interstate and some overseas Colleges and Universities, occupations and employers. Much of the information can be accessed via the 'Careers Pathways' link available for students on the College Intranet.